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August 30, 2011

Horne Investigations is my number one choice when I have a claim with red flags, malingerers, possible fraud activity or a little of all three...The communication they give before and during an investigation is invaluable to me and my adjuster.  We always know what is happening and where we are during the process.

I would recommend Horne Investigations to anyone who wants an honest, hardworking and thorough team.


Cheryl Velasco
Workers' Compensation Manager
California State University, Long Beach

September 21, 2011

Thank you to Horne Investigations for the beneficial surveillance they obtained of a plaintiff in a disputed injury claim. Our matter proceeded to trial and both the testimony from the investigator and the video presentation were well received by the jury causing them to view the plaintiff’s claim with distrust. We will definitely use Horne Investigations again.
Jeff I. Braun
McNeil, Tropp, Braun & Kennedy LLP
611 Anton Blvd., Suite 1050
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
September 13, 2011

I have worked with Horne Investigations for about six years. I first
became acquainted with them when I was working The Salvation Army account.
They had done some prior surveillance on one of my files and I needed some
further surveillance. I was impressed that they asked intelligent and
pertinent questions about the current status of the case and obtained
actual film of the clmt. Probably, the greatest strength I've noticed with
Horne is that they always "get my guy." I am never billed for sitting on
an empty house as so many surveillance companies do. I always get film of
my clmt, whatever they are doing that day. I have and continue to refer
Horne to others as they always get results.


Elizabeth Ashby
Claims Supervisor
Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc., Corona Branch #170



USA Western Territorial Headquarters

                                    180 East Ocean Boulevard Long Beach, CA  90802-4709



October 18, 2011



Mark Horne

Horne Investigations, California




Hi Mark:


On behalf of The Salvation Army, Western Territory, allow me to express our deepest gratitude for the excellent surveillance work done on the XXXXX  v. The Salvation Army, matter. 


Despite the great testimony of our experts, they too would agree with me, when we say that the surveillance videos spoke more vividly to the unsubstantiated claims of the plaintiff than they could.   It’s far more difficult to assess real injury with verbal testimony but once the Judge saw the videos, our experts testimony became the credible testimony and plaintiff’s counsel would have the impossible task of validating their client’s claims of any disability, much more, total disability. Those videos were not just videos of the plaintiff, but showed the physical actions of the plaintiff, that nullified her claims. 


Having had to resolve many litigated claims, this one weighed heavily.  The demand on this case was outrageously out of line to the possible injuries one could have sustained from the fall.  The way litigation goes, you end up compromising so often and in such outlandish circumstances the compromise becomes a win for the plaintiff. 


Thanks to your work, and that of counsel and other experts, the Judge rightfully refused to allow plaintiff to hold The Salvation Army for more than our responsible share and that was such a great feeling.  Literally the judge found 1% of their demand and at that he said he was being overly generous.


So on behalf of The Salvation Army, our sincerest and most grateful thanks for a great job done.  Will enjoy this win for some time to come !



Suseela Gupta

Assistant Director, Risk Management

The Salvation Army, Western Territory

Long Beach, CA 90802








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