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Our professional and highly experienced investigators operate from a range of specialized vehicles allowing us to remain undetected and in position to get the evidence for you.  

We are equipped with a wide selection of video equipment with high optical zoom and low light capabilities.  We always provide you with clearly identifyable, stable, high quality video of the subject and their activities for a medical or legal determination. 

We provide you with photo summaries of the highlights of the video obtained for rapid evaluation.  

AOE/COE - Liability Interviews - Witness Statements

Investigations addressing all pertinent issues and determining all available facts and circumstances regarding the incident or injury in question.

Horne Investigations provides exceptional physical surveillance, insightful AOE/COE, and many other high quality investigative services.  They give individual attention to each and every case.  Exceptional video, concise photo summaries and investigative services designed to provide you with the best defense possible. Experience, expertise, competence and consistency is Horne Investigations.

Free consultations and file reviews

Horne Investigations
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